2022 ITEAM Summer Outreach Program in Additive Manufacturing

Summer Program Learning Objectives and Outcomes

This is an intensive introductory course for students enrolled in the Institute for Transformative Education in Additive Manufacturing's 2022 Summer Program with the intention of applying the fundamental and technological knowledge of all the topics associated with additive manufacturing processes. As a learning outcome, the student will develop the ability to understand how these disciplines and topics are related to future manufacturing.


Course-level Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, the learner will be able to…

Outcome 1

To define what is additive manufacturing and how it differs from conventional processes in terms of advantages and disadvantages. To recognize the material/energy source interaction which occurs during additive manufacturing, and to apply the gained knowledge in the selection of processes for particular applications.

Dr. Hector Siller                                                                                                                             
Dr. Sameehan Joshi 

Outcome 2

Learn the fundamentals of materials processing, focusing on energy consumption, environmental impact, and sustainability. Learn how to use materials databases to quantify energy consumption and environmental impact.

Dr. Srinivasan Srivilliputhur                                                                                                             

Outcome 3

Understand the basic principles of supply chain management and logistics. Ability to identify the advantages and barriers in adopting additive manufacturing from a supply chain and logistics point of view. Able to recognize which business sectors and types of products are more likely to adopt additive manufacturing. Demonstrate understanding of supply chain terms such as inventory, lead time, etc., and how they influence the firm’s performance and efficiency when additive manufacturing is employed.

Himali Patil 

Outcome 4

Understand Additive Manufacturing processes and explain data analytics and machine learning methods. Apply best methods/tools for process modeling and optimization.  

Dr. Song Fu

Outcome 5


Demonstrate an understanding of cybersecurity principles, explain possible intentions/goals of attacks on Additive Manufacturing systems and how such attacks are made possible. Recognize the role of supply chains in AM and how cybersecurity attacks can disrupt them. Finally, apply best practices to minimize risk from attacks.

Dr. Lida Haghnegahdar 

Outcome 6


Demonstrate an understanding of the evaluation of material and mechanical properties of Additively manufactured material and structures. To have a basic idea of various destructive and non-destructive evaluation techniques for studying additively manufactured materials.

Dr. Yuqi Jin
Brian Squires

Details for the classroom and laboratory sessions can be found on the CAAAM Training and Outreach web page.

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