CAAAM's Educational Wing | Partner: NTCCC

ITEAM: Institute for Transformative Education in Additive Manufacturing

The Vision: A Systems-Approach to Additive Manufacturing Education

CAAAM is the conduit to additive manufacturing education and workforce development through its unique institute, ITEAM.

The ITEAM's vision is to increase student recruitment and retention and support bold and transformational research training and innovation, leading to increased research and academic excellence in support of UNT's pursuit of National Research University Status. 

Principal Objective

The principal objective of ITEAM is to develop and deliver a sustainable and interdisciplinary program in additive manufacturing education.

The ITEAM seeks to
  • Enable the future workforce to support U.S. economic and innovation prowess in agile, adaptive and additive manufacturing and
  • Create transformative educational opportunities that leverage research excellence supported through CAAAM and
  • Contribute to the achievement of National Research University Status.

Three Major Programs

The ITEAM programs include three significant educational concentrations for U.S. workforce development:

  1. Certificate-level for community college students and industrial workforce members;
  2. Continuing education workshops and symposia for professionals;
  3. Higher education programs in disciplinary and interdisciplinary areas of additive manufacturing for undergraduate- and graduate-level students.

Five Critical Areas

  1. Materials science and engineering,
  2. Mechanical engineering and design,
  3. Cybersecurity,
  4. Supply-chain logistics, and
  5. Data/decision sciences into additive manufacturing education

Student Engagement and Outreach Initiatives

ITEAM will focus on critical areas of learning through the following initiatives.

  • Classroom activities, labs, thesis projects, individual or team projects;
  • Internships, cooperative work-study programs
  • Interactions with industrial affiliates, consortia
  • STEM student recruitment and engagement activities