1. Only qualified/trained personnel will be allowed to use the machines in CAAAM space, and hence will be the only people who will also be handling the powders.
  2. Users will be required to wear PPE when handling the powders
    1. Face mask (respirator)
    2. Protective gloves
    3. Safety Glasses
    4. Body covering suit
  3. Powders must always be transferred in closed containers to and from the machines to the powder handling room
  4. Only time powders can be in the open must be in the powder handling room when moving from the closed containers to the storage space
  5. Care must be taken to handle/transfer powder slowly, to prevent the formation of a dust cloud
  6. Heat sources, water, oxidizers, acids, and alkalis should be avoided in the presence of powder
  7. Special metal handling vacuums must be used for cleanup, if necessary