UNT CAAAM: The ITEAM Summer Outreach Program


Single Training and Multivalent Skills

Narendra Dahotre standing in his office by a windowThe UNT Center for Agile and Adaptive Additive Manufacturing, CAAAM, was established in 2019 through funding from the Texas State legislature. Since its inception, the center has grown in a multifaceted manner, sprawling over nearly 8,000 sq ft floor space with several state-of-the-art additive manufacturing (AM) equipment along with multiple AM auxiliary instruments thereby making it the nation’s premier research, development, education and training facility.

Our mission is to empower, support, and strengthen U.S. global leadership in additive manufacturing by delivering novel material processing and characterization technologies, secure manufacturing tools, and interdisciplinary approaches for “affordable” and scalable capabilities in additive manufacturing of tomorrow. The success of this mission critically relies on creating a sustainable future workforce that can help to transform these innovations into the economy.

CAAAM especially is committed to interdisciplinary education and training through its educational wing, the Institute for Transformative Education in Additive Manufacturing, ITEAM, for career progression in the advanced manufacturing arena.  

The 2021 Summer Outreach Program in Additive Manufacturing provides a platform for you to seamlessly connect additive manufacturing and familiarize yourself with the role and impact of multivalent skillsets such as data and decision sciences, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, complex logistics and supply chain, and materials science and engineering. The rich integrated in-class and in-lab experience you will get from this program is likely to provide you an opportunity to choose one or more career opportunities and continue to grow the field with you!  

I welcome you to the 2021 CAAAM-ITEAM Summer Outreach Program and wish you an enjoyable experience with the next generation of manufacturing science and technology.

You will find all the relevant information on the 2022 Summer Program web page.

Narendra Dahotre
Associate Vice President