CAAAM leads disruptive technology development in support of U.S. manufacturing prowess

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The center seeks to strengthen regional science and engineering research, development and innovation; advance education and workforce training in additive manufacturing processes; and lead disruptive technology development in support of U.S. manufacturing prowess.


To serve as a catalyst in fostering innovative industry-academia-government partnerships through science and engineering of agile and adaptive additive manufacturing.


Support and strengthen interdisciplinary collaborations in science and engineering of materials;

Enable the 21st-century data-capable workforce that supports U.S. leadership in additive manufacturing; and

Serve as a model for incubating new centers of excellence and to strengthen research and academic excellence in support of UNT's pursuit of National Research University status.

Founding Leader & Message

Narendra B. Dahotre, Ph.D.

Narendra Dahotre, Ph.D.

Founding Leader and Associate Vice President
UNT Regents Professor
Fellow of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers
SME Lifetime Eli Whitney Productivity Award, 2018 Recipient
Discovery Park, Room C136E

Reaching for a star

UNT's Center for Agile and Adaptive Additive Manufacturing, CAAAM, was launched in 2019 thanks to a $10 million appropriation by the State of Texas Legislature. This center is on the cutting edge of additive manufacturing, becoming the next generation of manufacturing innovation for U.S. and global markets.

Current Context of Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is still a long way from becoming a commercially viable tool for industrial applications, due to a lack of thorough understanding among researchers and industry leaders. Hence, the science and engineering of materials of various scales needs to be leveraged and explored, using the process-engineering approaches.

The Purpose of CAAAM

The purpose of CAAAM is to make many innovations achievable through a synergistic approach. The center looks forward to creating interdisciplinary collaborations across many science and engineering aspects of additive manufacturing.

Additionally, the center will work to alleviate the shortages in the manufacturing workforce by empowering companies to embark on additive manufacturing innovation and create industry research partnerships with regional and global industries alongside their partners to meet those industries' domains. These partnerships will ultimately lead to technology development and commercialization opportunities.


Through support from partnerships and the State of Texas, CAAAM is positioned to build and support next-generation manufacturing prowess to lead U.S. global competitiveness and drive the way toward creating the future of manufacturing innovation and success.

We look forward to you joining us in making this vision a reality!